Tony is an abstract artist who has spent much of his life exploring the world, and studying art. He was born in New York, though now resides in Amsterdam.

abstract artist Anthony Baary
Anthony Baary

It was Tony’s thirst for self-expression that introduced him to art in the first-place. He channeled this passion in 97’; wide-eyed and hungry to make his mark.

His steady-hand and keen-eye for detail took him all over the world, working in studios in Hawaii, London, Thailand and Germany (to name but a few). This life-altering outlet shaped Tony, into the well-respected artist that he is today.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Tony, has been visiting Amsterdam regularly since 96’ and has always seen it as a second home. Thus, in 2012, he decided to make the move to Amsterdam permanent; opening a sister shop to the long-established Authentic Arts studio in New York.

Throughout his career, Tony has achieved global recognition for his work in various mediums, and across many countries. You can find his art all over the world in renowned art-shows, including galleries in Paris and Italy.