A brief history of our relationship with art

Whilst the focus of this article is on modern LED wall art and the way in which it can effect your business; we’re going to start at the beginning to get a clearer picture of how our relationship with art has evolved over the years.

You see, humankind has had a special bond with art for an unfathomable amount of time. In 2018, archaeologists discovered a cave drawing that is estimated to be over 73,000-years old! Even if we were to assume that the drawing was the very first, it would still mean that we’ve been using art as a form of expression and communication for well over 1000-lifespans!

From cave paintings to LED wall art
*Not the cave drawing mentioned above

Now, fast forward to the modern day. Human creativity and the boundless isles of our imagination has branched out into a mesmerizing display of authenticity. There’s so much! We have architecture and sculpting; illustration and photography; graffiti, glass-blowing, and calligraphy—and that’s not even scraping the surface! Simply put; the world of art is gargantuan, and it’s all around us.

But what is it about art that we love so much? Why does it have such a profound influence on the way that we think and feel? Let’s find out!

The way that art effects our brains

In order to get a deeper understanding as to why we love art so much, it’s important to recgonise the effects that it has on our little brains! Below we’ve shared an awesome infographic from Accent Art and Frame, to help you get a clearer picture…

As you can see from this awesome infographic: artwork really does effect us in a multitude of positive ways. As it turns out, it’s not just the process of creating art that feels amazing; but being around it as well.

This is why more and more businesses are turning to artwork when decorating their work-space and/or establishment. Whether in a hotel environment, the office, a restaurant, or a bar; artwork is transforming businesses in a marvelous way.

But where does LED wall art come in to all this? If a standard canvass painting can have such a positive effect on our mood, what happens when you combine art with the power of light? First, let’s look at the way that light effects us. Then we’ll explore how an amalgamation of the two can help you to transform your business!

The way that LED lighting can influence us


Light makes us feel a lot of positive emotions, and there are a number of reasons for that. For a start, let’s look at the way spending more time in the sunshine makes us happier…

The correlation of light and mood is dependent on the body’s natural response mechanisms to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter which helps to elevate the mood; and melatonin, a hormone which promotes sleep. When the body recognizes sunlight through the optic nerve, the gland in the brain which regulates melatonin slows its function, and serotonin levels increase.

Jillian Billard – Wanderlust

So yea, what that basically means is: it makes us feel pretty groovy!

LED wall art. Our love of light! Two men with guitars sat in front of a sunset

The advantages of using LED lighting technology, is that there are certain “colour temperatures” which can mimic the stimulus provided by sunlight, which promotes a healthy circadian rhythm.

Let their be light!

Are you afraid of the dark? Perhaps not. It’s definitely something that most people grow out of when they reach adulthood. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that as children, we’re all afraid of the dark. And how were we comforted through the night as very small children? Often with a nightlight. Or perhaps, our bedroom door would be left slightly ajar, with the light from the hallway slipping through and keeping the shadows at bay.

Nightlights are behind our love for LED wall art

The fire in our hearts

Our allure towards light can also be connected to our dependency on fire in the early stages of our evolution. What did fire bring?

  • Visibility
  • Protection
  • Warmth
  • Nutrition (from cooking meat)
  • Sustainability

With all of this in mind, you can understand why we have an inherent attraction to light! We have a strong emotional attachment, ultimately making us feel safe, and more relaxed.

LED wall art - friends on a beach around a campfire

Now. What happens when you combine artwork (something which we have already established has a positive influence on our brains) with the power of LED lighting? *SPOILER ALERT* – Something really rather awesome, that’s what!

How LED wall art can improve your business

LED wall art is a combination of creativity and illumination. So, not only can one of our LED light art projects serve as a stunning feature piece in your office; but it can also provide luminosity as well.

But how does that effect your business? Well, it really depends on the type of business that you’re running. As an example, we’re going to look at a couple of different working environments.

LED wall art in hospitality

Art for hotels should have a positive impact on the way that their guests feel. This could be through having artwork in hotel rooms, the lobby, and/or other public areas.

Luxury Bathroom with illuminated artwork recessed into ceiling

When optimised correctly, and with high-quality artwork, it can generate revenue by attracting more people to the establishment. The more authentic, the better! With an original, stunning piece of art, you’ll be bolstering the signature identity of your hotel.

LED wall art in the office

Then on the other hand: art for the office will be designed with inspiration in mind. Transforming an otherwise sterile environment, with carefully selected artwork, placed in strategic positions. The colour temperature of the piece can be set to energise, whilst the abstract nature of the art itself can inspire introspective and creativity.

an office boardroom with a bright and inspiring piece of artwork

Again, it all depends on the business, and what you are trying to achieve. In any case, there’s no denying the way in which LED wall art can transform a space. If anything, the simple fact of improving the aesthetic appeal of your establishment is enough. That said, when coupled with all of the irrefutable benefits that go with it, it makes the investment all the more worth it!

Are you interested in exploring LED wall art further?

Hopefully you’ll have found this article useful, and you’ve decided that you would like to enhance your working environment with the power of LED wall art. If that’s the case, and you wish to commission an artist to create a unique piece especially for you, then simply contact us today.

All of the art that we create is entirely unique! In fact, whatever you need, we can build it for you. Any style, any design, any size! Just let us know what your thoughts are, and together we’ll come up wit the perfect fit for you. Then watch as it transforms your business for good!