When it comes to selecting art for luxury yachts, an understated approach is required. We study the unique architecture of a yacht’s interior, and explore ways in which it can be enhanced without being too brash or overpowering.

Luxury yachts are optimised to make every square meter count. Thus, when injecting artwork into the space, it must be done so with careful consideration. At Authentic Illuminated Concepts, we create artwork that was designed specifically for a space, rather than taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

If you are the proud owner of a luxury yacht and you’d like to invest in some original, atmospheric artwork, then you’ve come to the right place. Our artist combines art and light in a way that is both visually awesome and emotionally soothing.

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.”
Pablo Picasso

a luxury yacht cabin with a gorgeous feature illuminated concept above the bed

Combine lighting with art for luxury yachts

A luxury yacht is without doubt, the pinnacle of class and style, and yet there’s always room for improvement. If you wish to personalise your yacht, and steer away from the generic, then you need to be bold with your décor.

At Authentic Illuminated Concepts, we bring art to life, using the power of LED lighting. This unique approach to lighting optimisation allows you to create gorgeous artistic features, which double up as a constant source of luminosity.

Clever lighting in compact spaces creates a more spacious and ‘airy’ vibe. This will invariably make your luxury yacht feel even more luxurious than it was to begin with. In addition to that, with a full-spectrum add-on (see LED Light Art Projects for more info), you can experiment with a variety of colour temperatures to set the desired tone.

Traditionally, luxury yachts are littered with LED spot and strip-lights throughout the interior, with little room for experimentation. Whilst in many cases this can look beautiful, often it can be overpowering and a little too ‘clinical’.

This is why we’re incredibly passionate about creating alternative light-sources, which fit wonderfully into limited spaces. Opting for lighting which can be fused with the interior is preferable to cluttering the space with stand-alone lamps or hanging lights.

artwork for luxury yachts: a luxury yacht living space with rich colours recessed into the walls

There’s no plain sailing with Authentic Illuminated Concepts

What’s the point of investing in a multi-million dollar yacht if not to make a statement? Well, with Authentic Illuminated Concepts, you can take that statement a step further!

Would you like to commission an artist to transform your luxury yacht with an original, illuminated concept? Then please feel free to contact us today. We’d be delighted to hear your thoughts and ideas.

There really is no limitation to what we can achieve with your space. Any style, any shape, any size! Our artist can work with a colour-scheme of your choosing (after-all, you’re the Captain), or alternatively, we can free-style.

In any case, we will provide you with an outstanding one-off, piece of artwork that will blow your guests away, every time.

  • Provenance of artwork (documentation of authenticity)
  • Limited warranty*
  • Damage replacement*

*Terms and conditions apply to limited warranty and damage replacement, which we will discuss during the consultation stage.