Authentic Illuminated Concepts specialise in commissioning one-off art for hotels, clubs and restaurants. In fact, we can build a custom-LED art display for any business within the hospitality industry.

Today, a very important aspect of running a business within the hospitality industry is presentation. But, more importantly: the guest experience. How do your guests and customers perceive your establishment the moment they arrive? What do they feel for the duration of their stay with you?

Just as it’s important to find the best employees and the most reliable suppliers, there’s value in securing quality art for hotels and other hospitality establishments.

Is your place of business “insta-worthy?” Would you say that your interior is so unique that people travel from all over, to experience the awesome vibe in your establishment? If not, then perhaps it’s time to breathe and air of authenticity into the place.

artwork for hotels: a welcoming reception area / hotel lobby with 3 authentic illuminated concepts

Art for hotels should do more than just fill empty spaces

Traditionally, artwork in the hospitality industry would blend in with the environment. Now, it’s all about wowing your guests with bold and beautiful features which are less ornamental and more memorable (and in our case, functional).

So, what better a way of doing so then by installing a unique and compelling LED art display?

Which is where we come in. At Authentic Illuminated Concepts, we are dedicated to creating artwork which demands attention. We can help you transform your establishment, through the medium of the illuminated canvass.

Why not head over to our Gallery if you’re in need of some inspiration?

Brought to life by light

We bring our concepts to life with the power of LED lighting. Which is why our artwork commands such attention. This gives you a unique opportunity to experiment with lighting optimisation. As such, the illuminated canvass is definitely the way forward for businesses within the hospitality industry.

  • “Cooler” colour temperatures such as blues and whites boost alertness and can energise your guests. This is why bars and clubs tend to favour them.
  • “Warmer” colour temperatures on the other hand, set a more relaxing tone, perfect for restaurants, hotel lobbies, and in the Jacuzzi suite!
Luxury hotel Bathroom with illuminated art recessed into ceiling

When you combine light with artwork, you get a sort of “two-for-one” combo. (i.e., a standalone light-source, and a compelling feature piece).

How can we help your business grow?

Some of the most successful businesses within the hospitality industry have embraced the modern art trend. A trend that leans toward being bold and brave with your decoration in order to stand out and really make a statement.

Hotels, restaurants and bars are generating more revenue, by giving their establishment a unique identity, with original artwork. This will invariably attract more guests to your establishment, leaving a lasting positive impact on them when they leave.

Our artist, Tony, has built his career helping businesses transform their environment through the power of art. Let us help you to shape yours.

  • Create a memorable feature-piece in your hotel
  • Improve the general “customer experience”
  • Generate hype about your establishment with original artwork
  • Set the desired “mood” in your environment with LED lighting
  • Shape the identity of your business
  • Invest in a visually stimulating atmosphere
Open bar area with beautiful illuminated art concept

Interested in buying art for hotels, clubs and restaurants?

If you’re interested and would like to invest in our Authentic Illuminated Concepts, feel free to contact us today. Or alternatively, if you’d like to know how it works, head over to our LED light art projects page for a step-by-step guide.

  • Provenance of artwork (documentation of authenticity)
  • Limited warranty*
  • Damage replacement*

*Terms and conditions apply to limited warranty and damage replacement, which we will discuss during the consultation stage.