At Authentic Illuminated Concepts, we specialise in creating unique LED artwork, which is suitable for any setting. Whether you’re looking for an exciting piece of original artwork to decorate your home with, or you want to transform your business environment with a grand feature; we can help.

We’re incredible flexible. Your setting could be a luxury yacht or villa, a bustling night club, a retro arcade or bowling alley and so much more. The only limitation is your imagination.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Gallery and browse through some of our original illuminated concepts!

Modern LED wall art on concrete backround

We are currently focusing on the following five areas:

1 – Luxury Residences

2 – Hotels, Nightclubs & Restaurants

3 – Hospitals & Other Healthcare Facilities

4 – Luxury Yachts

5 – Office & Business

Select whichever applies to you and follow the link for more information (i.e. art in the office can positively effect employee productivity and morale).

Our modern LED artwork is bespoke

At Authentic Illuminated Concepts, we take great pride in the flexibility of our services. It doesn’t matter how big or small the space, or what shape & style you’d like to go for; we can create something incredibly special, just for you.

Whilst Tony’s signature style is recognisable, everything is produced on a one-off basis. This means that you’ll never be able to find another piece like yours anywhere else. Few people ever get the pleasure of owning a genuine, original piece of art, so be sure to get yours!

  • Provenance of artwork (documentation of authenticity)
  • Limited warranty*
  • Damage replacement*

Terms and conditions apply to limited warranty and damage replacement, which we will discuss during the consultation stage.

For more information on our LED light art projects and how it all works, simply follow the link.

Making the world a brighter place, one project at a time

There’s no finer feeling than creating something beautiful and sharing it with the world. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of art, and marvel at the way that it effortlessly enriches our lives. When brought to life by light, the art transcends the canvass and permeates throughout your environment.

Get in touch if you wish to enhance your space

If you’re interested in exploring our services further, then we’d love to hear from you. Simply head over to the contact us page and fill out the form. One of our representatives will get back to you at their earliest convenience. Or, alternatively, you can give us a call!