We have a range of existing art for sale, all of which are original pieces. Grab one today and secure provenance of your very own unique piece of artwork.

You can view all of the finished pieces that are for sale by following the link to our Authentic Illuminated Concepts shop on Etsy. If you don’t see anything which grabs your attention, then we can commission an original piece for you instead, tailored to your specific requests.

The process is simple really: All you need to do is let us know the size and style that you’d like to go for and which colours you’re interested in—then we’ll go from there. This will give you a unique opportunity to get your hands on a bespoke piece, designed especially for your space.

abstract art for sale
“To draw, you must close your eyes and sing”
– Pablo Picasso

LED & abstract canvass art for sale

You have the option of choosing between standard canvass and an illuminated concept. So, if you quite fancy an LED piece to brighten up your home then we can design one especially for you. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep it old-school, then we can paint an abstract canvass for you instead—it’s entirely up to you!

art for sale LED
“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before”
– Neil Gaiman

You won’t find another piece quite like it

We take great pride in producing and selling original artwork. This means that whichever you decide to go for, whether it be LED or standard canvass; you won’t find another like it anywhere else. So, if you’d like the bragging rights of having an entirely unique piece of art from an established and reputable artist, then simply contact us today and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Keep an eye out for our online store

Authentic Illuminated Concepts will eventually have an official store right here, where there will be plenty of original art for sale. For now however, we’re going to continue using Etsy whilst we focus on the larger LED Light Art Projects.