In this post we’re going to focus on art for interior designers, and the 10 major benefits of working with Authentic Illuminated Concepts.

OK, so we can all agree that self-praise is no recommendation. Saying that as an interior designer, ‘you’ll love our art’ is an incredibly bold statement. Certainly there will be people whose taste favours a different style. However, based on what the average interior designer is looking for when on the hunt for an artist, we’re confident in the fact that we will meet and exceed expectations.

We’ll kick this off by defining the role of an interior designer, and their criteria when searching for art. Following that, we’ll go through the features and benefits of ours in order to determine whether or not we’re a good match.

Bathroom art for interior designers to showcase our style

What is interior design?

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.”

Good ol’ Wikipedia

They’re a clever bunch whose talents benefit us greatly on a daily basis. Often, the average person will walk into an incredibly well-designed space, fall in love with it, and not have the faintest idea why.

Whether at home, in a hotel or restaurant environment, an office, spa or hospital; interior designers play an essential role in transforming a space. They can take an otherwise bland and unimaginative canvass, and turn it into something else entirely, with only a few understated alterations.

That said, in our humble opinion, the very best interior designers are the daring and the audacious. Those prepared to take risks using big, bold, and beautiful artwork.

For the ultimate guide to interior design, simply follow the link and learn how to optimise your space!

Bold and beautiful art for interior designers. Big feature piece

The search criteria of art for interior designers

Of course, ultimately it comes down to the project and the individual in question. However, the following criteria will apply to most interior designers who are on the lookout for high-quality & inspiring artwork…

  • Flexibility: An interior designer values flexibility in all things. So, they want to work with an artist that can commission pieces in all shapes and sizes, and is also willing to work with a variety of colours.
  • Abstract: Not every interior designer favours abstract art. However, there are a great many that do. This is largely due to the fact that abstract art can compliment a wide variety of interiors with little in the way of restriction.
  • Authenticity: Again, not so much a defining factor but a preferable outcome. There’s no harm in fitting an interior with copies, especially if they’re beautiful, affordable, and well-suited to the intended décor. However, if you could get your hands on a unique piece of artwork, conceptualised especially for your project…well, which would you prefer?
  • Affordability: $186,000,000 for a piece of art? Are you joking? Interior designers love art and are always prepared to pay what it’s worth. But let’s be reasonable shall we?
  • Ingenuity: Interior designers are all about keeping up with, and setting new trends. As such, they’re open to fresh and creative ideas. This ties in rather nicely with flexibility, favouring artists that produce work that can serve multiple functions.
  • Eco-friendly: I think it goes without saying that today, more and more people prefer the environmentally friendly option.
Rustic bedroom art, for interior designers

Is Authentic Illuminated Concepts right for you?

Earlier we claimed that you’ll love our art. Now, it’s time to back it up. What is it about the way that we operate which separates us from our competitors? Are we the right company for you? We certainly hope so!

1 – We’re Flexible

One of the main reasons why people choose to work with Authentic Illuminated Concepts is because we’re incredibly flexible. No matter what it is that you need, we will tailor the artwork to your requirements.

  • Is there a specific colour scheme that you’re working with?
  • No matter how big or small, we’ll build it!
  • Any shape, any style.
  • Our art can be recessed into walls, suspended from the ceiling, or built into the floor. It’s up to you.

2 – Tony’s art is abstract

Our artist Anthony Baary, takes great pride in creating stunning, abstract art. Every piece that he creates is unique and compelling in its own right, and can fit effortlessly into a wide variety of interiors.

3 – We’re authentic

Authentic Illuminated Concepts…it’s in the name. We have built this company on the idea that all art should be “one-off.” There’s so much more value in a piece of original artwork that was designed especially for the client. We want all of our customers to enjoy provenance of their individual piece; to give them bragging rights of owning a concept which cannot be found anywhere else.

In addition to that, Tony fuses his artwork with the power of LED lighting. Sure, you can find a number of backlit-cutouts online. However, how many artists have you come across whose medium of choice is the illuminated canvass? We’re incredibly niché, and proud of the fact.

4 – We’re affordable

No, we’re not the cheapest. That said, when it comes to buying original artwork, fused with LED lighting, our prices are a fair reflection of that. We take into consideration, the materials used, the time invested and the overall quality of the art itself. Simply put: if you’re looking for gorgeous and original art without breaking the bank, then you’ve come to the right place!

5 – Tony is ingenuitive

Again, there aren’t many artists doing what we do. Creating one-off artwork on an illuminated canvass, which can be presented in a wide variety of ways. The art that Tony creates is functional, serving as a feature piece and a substantial light-source. Whatever the project requires, Tony will find a way to bring it into actuality.

Luxury Bathroom with illuminated artwork recessed into ceiling

6 – Our art is eco-friendly

All of the materials used to create our artwork are recyclable. In addition to that, LED lights are significantly ‘greener’ than traditional lighting options, such as the incandescent bulb.

” In addition to using very little in the way of power, LED’s give off zero UV emissions and are made up of non-toxic materials. Add to this the fact that, and they’re also recyclable and you can invest in them with a clear conscience. “

The Benefits of Using LED Lighting with Art

7 – We operate on an international basis

While there are some artists who prefer to support local artists, they can’t always find what they’re looking for. Another big benefit of working with Authentic Illuminated Concepts, is the fact that we operate on an international basis. So, it doesn’t matter where on earth you are based, we can bring the art to you!

8 – Tony is a reputable and well-respected artist

Tony has been creating art in a number of mediums, across many different countries over the years. In fact, his work can be found in art-shows all over the world, including galleries in Paris and Italy! His stellar reputation is growing with each new project that he completes, brightening the world with captivating, and inspiring art.

9 – A bit of ‘mood-lighting’

As an interior designer, lighting is an incredibly important aspect of what you do. It’s not just about how the space functions & flows in terms of spatial optimisation, but how well-lit it is as well.

Another major benefit of working with us, is the fact that our artwork doubles up as lighting. This brings a whole new dynamic to an interior. The canvass can be dimmed, brightened or switched off entirely. You can also add a full-spectrum add-on, allowing the owner to experiment with various colour temperatures throughout the seasons.

10 – It’s captivating

There’s something really rather special about the art that Tony creates. Perhaps it’s the way that the LED lights bring his concepts to life which is enthralling. Or the mesmerising flow of each inidivual stroke. In any case, every single piece that Tony creates is received with awe, and this is something that we take great pride in.


The fact is, we love creating art for interior designers. What better a way to showcase our artwork, than by putting it into the hands of experienced individuals with a keen eye for style? Professionals with the ability to take our art, and compliment it effortlessly in an expertly-opitmised space!

If you like what you see and you feel like we could be a good match, then we’d love to hear from you. Simply contact us today and we can answer any and all questions that you might have.

Again, we want to re-iterate that we’re flexible, communicative and open to offers. So, let’s talk!